Candidate for U.S. Senate Nancy Mace

By Stan Welch

Nancy Mace was the first female to graduate as a cadet from the citadel. But she did a little more than that. She graduated as magna cum laude and also as regimental commander of the Corps of Cadets the highest rank possible.

Clearly, she relishes a challenge; and she has certainly taken on a formidable one in recent weeks. Mace was in Anderson Monday as part of her fledgling campaign for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate seat currently held by Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Mace is the daughter of a retired general, and was born on Ft. Bragg in Fayettevile, growing up as an Army brat. As she told the crowd, while reeling off a long list of relatives to support her claim, “In my family, you are either in the military or married to it.” Mace. Thirty five, is the mother of two and the owner of The Mace Group, a media consultant business.

She wasted little time making her claim as a Reagan republican. “He was a hero. He was always optimistic and resolute, and he instilled a pride in this country that we are sadly lacking today. Both our friends and enemies respected him because they knew where he and the nation stood.” She cited Reagan’s statement that freedom is never more than a generation from being lost, adding that those words are truer today than ever before.

“This election is not just about Lindsey Graham. It is a bout the systematic failure of our government. Washington thinks they know what is better for us than we do. To realize how out of touch our Senator is, think about this. In the last sixty years, only two men have held that Senate seat. Strom Thurmond and Lindsey Graham are the only two.”

Mace also lamented the infighting in the Republican party, but added that the one common strain among them is the adherence to the U.S. Constitution. “That is how we set our course and that course needs to lead to winning the Senate in 2014, as prelude to taking back the White House in 2016. I truly believe that if we endure two more terms of a Democratic president, especially someone like Hillary Clinton, we will lose our nation as we know it.”

She said Sen. Graham’s policies are wrong for the state and the nation, and stressed that her first priority is “stopping Obamacare in its tracks. That has to come first/ America cannot flourish under such a weight.”

She assured the audience of about 85 people that her perspective on such matters, as well as others, is that of a small business owner. “The government needs to get out of the way and let small business do what it does best and that is to create jobs. Just get out of the way and America’s economy will come back.” She also staked out positions as pro-life, and in favor of the traditional view of marriage. “I do not favor gay marriage and I believe that life begins at conception. I will stand up for those beliefs just as I stood up for my beliefs while at The Citadel.”

 Mace also stressed that the Republicans need to do a better job f getting their message out.  It is the Democrats fault that the government is shut down. They refuse to consider anything but their own plans.”

2 Responses to Candidate for U.S. Senate Nancy Mace

  1. As if the LameStream Media, like Nothing But Clinton (NBC), Another Barack Channel (ABC) and now CNN (now being ran by Zucker, former head of NBC) will give any conservatives a fair viewing??? Ain’t going to change until people FULLY and CONSISTENTLY boycott the channels and the sponsors.

    Over the weekend I watched the folks that are schooled in Journalism demonstrate their ignorance of simple economics, and disparage people that think the country should live within our means. I am sincerely hoping they run their households the way they say they want Gov’t to function. I couldn’t stand the new CNN more than 10 minutes.

    I agree with Mace on some points and that is the infighting in the Republican Party needs to be in a lower tone. They need to remember the 11th Commandment — “Speak no ill of another Republican.” But I still cannot grasp, with any conviction, why we should negotiate with anyone, foreign or domestic, that wants to destroy our Republic.

  2. Dodgerfan, as you may know, I’m a Cid grad like Ms. Mace and as such, I am inclined to support her. However, two issues temper that enthusiasm significantly. First and foremost, regardless of the candidate, I simply don’t think that U.S. Senator is an entry level position. A candidate for such a powerful position should have some experience as an elected official. Just my opinion.
    Secondly, and this is a common affliction of Republicans, whether they are seeking office or not, is the fact that once it was all boiled down, her main point seemed to be “Gee weren’t things great under Reagan”. Well, yeah, they were. What’s your point? Politicians of Reagan’s stature, or Tip O’Neil’s for that matter, come along once in a lifetime. Republicans need to quit reminiscing and get busy.

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